Self defense techniques

Private lessons are an excellent alternative to group Taekwondo or karate classes. Individual lessons assure an exceptional quality of instruction and allow each individual to learn at his/her own speed..

Basic Self Defense Techniques


Hush Magazine discusses martial arts with Grand Master Terlecki.


Kung Fu Stick Form / possible applications

Basic Applications: The techniques are demonstrated in a much slower speed so the viewing audience may be able to follow the technique and its application.



Core Lessons

How to respond with explosive and effective techniques
You will learn how to stay calm in life threatening situations
Training results - confidence, superior skill, longevity and great health
The power of qui gong
The balance of mind and body



International Seminars

For many years, Grand Master Terlecki has been traveling extensively to promote excellence in martial arts. He has given numerous seminars and lectures in many martial arts schools located in many parts of the world on combative self defence.



Powerful and Effective

The martial arts techniques taught by Grand Master Terlecki are extremely effective, easy to learn and realistically applicable to all levels of training and experience.

To arrange a seminar at your school, please see Seminars for more information.