In the last twenty five years, Grand Master Terlecki has been travelling nationally and internationally to conduct seminars on martial arts and combative self defense. In Europe, Mr. Christoph Ritter is Grand Master Terlecki's personal student who resides and teaches in Switzerland and operates a very successful kung-fu school known as Wu-Shu Center Oberland. Mr. Ritter is a holder of a seventh degree black belt in the Temple boxing method. If you live in Europe and wish to train this combative style please contact Mr. Ritter directly at 052-343-3610 or his mobile 079-447-6557.


How to respond with explosive and effective techniques

You will learn how to stay calm in life threatening situations

Training results - confidence, superior skill, longevity and great health

The power of qui gong

The balance of mind and body

Living meditation

Effective and powerful self defence techniques


Open minded students of any style

Hard working, results oriented and serious students of martial arts

Open minded instructors from any style of martial arts

Result oriented men and women who are serious about effective fighting techniques

This is a practical hands on seminar.

Olympic Martial Arts - meaning sports and ineffective martial arts

Tournament or point "fighting"
Large number of students in the class

Ineffective and unrealistic techniques taught

Katas (forms) taught without any understanding or applications

Not every black belt is qualified to teach

Lack of education about the science of martial arts


Here is why this type of seminar is absolutely crucial:

You will learn powerful and efficient techniques that will be instantly effective.

You will be taught unique innovative and dynamic techniques that will have the utmost effect and will impact your martial arts training for the rest of your life

At the end of the seminar you will understand how to use your whole body to be a weapon

This workshop has tremendous value to all students of martial arts especially instructors and teachers of the arts.  

If you feel that you have not benefited from this seminar we will give you a complete refund, no questions asked.

This seminar has saved hundreds of students and instructors of martial arts from practicing many ineffective techniques for the wrong reasons. The martial arts techniques taught by Grand Master Terlecki are extremely effective, easy to learn and realistically applicable to all levels of training and experience.

These seminars are taught on weekends only for approximately 4 hours each day with a maximum of 20 students per seminar to ensure quality of instruction.

To arrange a seminar please email

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