Adult Lessons

The only martial arts school in BC that specializes in one on one lessons.

Experience the power of learning one on one instead of getting lost in the crowd.    The only professional martial arts school in British Columbia that specializes in one on one instruction.

The Academy is very unique, each student, besides regular group classes, receives several private lessons  per month. No other martial arts school offers this type of training. It is important to point out that in a group situation an instructor spends approximately 4 minutes with each individual, (based on a 60 minute class and 15 students). In a private lesson, the student receives 60 minutes of the instructor's time. Therefore, it is obvious that one on one instruction is by far a more superior method of teaching martial arts. Because of this format of instruction, one year of training at the Academy is equivalent to 5 years of training at any other martial arts school that teaches group classes.

Powerful and Effective

All instruction of martial arts at the Academy is based on traditional combative self defense (non-tournament), kicks, blocks, punches, forms, weapons, meditation, soft and hard qui gong, applications of forms.  Ground fighting and sparring are also taught to all students attending the Academy.

Because Grand Master Terlecki uses a one on one format of instruction, enrolment at the Shaolin Kung-Fu Academy is limited and selective. Prospective students must exhibit strong motivation and a serious commitment to training before being accepted.

A personal interview is required with each prospective student and because of Grand Master Terlecki's teaching schedule, all interviews are by appointment only.

Explosive and Dynamic

How to respond with explosive and effective techniques

You will learn how to stay calm in life threatening situations

Training results - confidence, superior skill, longevity and great health

The power of qui gong

The balance of mind and body

Living meditation

Effective and powerful self defence techniques

You will learn powerful and efficient techniques that will be instantly effective.

Learn unique, innovative and dynamic techniques that will have the utmost effect and will impact your martial arts training for the rest of your life.

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