About Grandmaster Terlecki

Grand Master Terlecki specializes in one on one instruction, which is the most effective method of teaching self defence.

Grand Master Terlecki, founder of the SHAOLIN KUNG-FU ACADEMY, began his training of martial arts in 1971 under Grand Master O.E. Simon, a leading Canadian Grand Master of Moh (or Temple) style. After two years of extensive training he became an instructor, and a year later he was promoted to chief instructor of all his Grand Master's martial arts schools and was instrumental in opening several more schools throughout Western Canada and Washington State.

During that time, through hard training and dedication to the Temple system, he achieved a master’s degree in the rare and very combative style. Moh style is an exclusive blend of Honan and Fukien Shaolin methods practiced and studied by Master Terlecki under his teacher's guidance.

In February, 1986 Master Terlecki parted with the organization. After leaving, he dedicated himself to further his study of the Temple system of martial arts, its applications, philosophy and spirituality and then opened his own martial arts school and named it  “Shaolin Kung-Fu Academy”. It is worthy to note, at this time, that Grand Master Terlecki has been teaching martial arts internationally for 45 years, exclusively specializing in one on one instruction. He strongly believes that each student has his/her pace of learning and requires personal expert attention. It is very well understood, by any instructor anywhere, that in order to truly instill accurate knowledge, the teacher must spend a great deal of time with a student in a one on one environment.

Our Values

The name SHAOLIN KUNG-FU ACADEMY was chosen to demonstrate the  commitment of Grand Master Terlecki to not only maintain the physical aspect of high quality martial arts training, but also to remain loyal to the Shaolin martial arts method and adhere to its Buddhist philosophy and spirituality. Kindness, compassion, understanding and humility are the true characteristics of any martial arts teacher.

Discover the power of one on one kung fu training. Nothing else can compare with this type of learning.  We are the only school in BC that specializes in one on one martial arts instruction.

The extraordinary wealth of physical and philosophical knowledge to be gained through the training of this complex art is to complement your life in many ways. Your determination will lead you to desire the ultimate goal - perfect balance between your mind and body. A task not easily achieved. However through hard work and determination, anyone with a strong will, will be able to accomplish the unimaginable.  

If you are considering group taekwondo, karate or kickboxing classes, why not discover the power of learning explosive, effective martial arts in one-on-one private lessons.

The art of Moh Kempo is very different from any other martial arts ie: Karate,Tae Kwon Do or Kickboxing. This is not “sport fighting”, and as a matter of fact, “sport fighting” does not exist. Either you fight or you don't. Of course, in combative sparring there must be a clear understanding of striking with care some sensitive targets (knees, elbow joints, back of the body-kidneys etc..). However all targets on the human body are focused on during sparring at the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. Great care must be taken in this type of environment, as we all need each other to be able to improve our skills at the next training session....

International Seminars
For many years, Grand Master Terlecki has been traveling extensively to promote excellence in martial arts. He has given numerous seminars and lectures in many martial arts schools located in many parts of the world on combative self defence.  

To arrange a seminar at your school, please see Seminars for more information.

Because Grand Master Terlecki uses a one on one format of instruction, enrolment at the Shaolin Kung-Fu Academy is limited and selective. Prospective students must exhibit strong motivation and a serious commitment to training before being accepted.
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